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The Four QuickBooks Apps You Should Be Using Right Now

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the workhorse for many business’s accounting activities, with many capabilities – far too many for every company to have deep understanding of which features to leverage for their unique business intelligence needs. Thankfully, vbo Solutions is expert in making QBO simple, so we’re breaking down our four most favorite QBO Apps that we think can take the power of almost any QuickBooks subscription to a whole new level. Check these out:

Businesses can streamline their bill approval and payment processes, and get paid faster with, a business payments system that digitizes the accounts payable and receivable process. The app can be used to get paid via ACH, credit card, or PayPal. Additionally, automatically sends payment reminders and overdue notices to your customers. Payments automatically sync with QuickBooks and allow vendors to send their invoices to a company-specific email address. This app helps reduce the time-consuming steps of searching and processing invoices in QBO. When transactions are reconciled in QuickBooks Online, bills can be matched to an attachment for future reference. Your financial data and documents are secure, encrypted, and reside on password-protected servers – way safer than they are in filing cabinets and on people’s desks throughout your offices. 


Companies love Expensify because it provides an easy avenue for employees and independent contractors to track expenses on the spot. Simply take a photo of the purchase and it will go directly into the expense report. The app is compatible with making it easy for clients to pay vendors – and if you establish regular parameters, it can even make payments automatically. Additionally, the mobile app can reimburse employees out of Expensify, QuickBooks Online, or, providing seamless integration with all three.

Recommended by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as the solution for simplified expense management, Expensify was also awarded “Best Partner Program 2016” by Accountex. Expensify is loved by small businesses, accountants, and employees alike!

TSheets Time Tracking

Get rid of the punch time clock and simplify payroll, invoicing, and job costing with automated time tracking right inside QuickBooks! The TSheets Time Tracking app can be used internally to track projects, time spent with clients, employee tasking, payroll and billing. When working offsite, staff can clock in on their phones, track their time, budget expenses, and projects they are working on. The app also provides access to mobile time tracking apps, scheduling, GPS, alerts and more. Additionally, it syncs to QuickBooks Online making invoicing easier and accurate, as well as providing a backup for accountability. We can also customize this app to fit your unique needs.


Hubdoc is a fantastic app for keeping key financial documents (and associated data) in one place, seamlessly synced with your accounting program and the professionals who mange it for you. Hubdoc eliminates all the hassle of sharing staggering amounts of bank and credit card statements and other various invoices. It also keeps them from cluttering up your email or mailbox. Hubdoc can also automatically convert receipts, bills and statements into data you can actually use.

Hubdoc partners with a huge variety of vendors — simply enter your credentials and it will sync with each vendor and keep the details in one centralized location. No more data entry or filing!

This time-saving app also makes on-boarding information much easier for accountants, allowing them to import and quickly code their clients’ invoices, and then upload them to Quickbooks Online. Additionally, subsequent recurring transactions are auto-coded and uploaded. Instead of chasing clients’ account details, accountants can set up a user name for each client and allow access. Accountants can then very easily reconcile the details.

These are all convenient but…

While these apps interact and sync with QuickBooks providing great flexibility to manage and report financial activity, setting them up is not for the faint of heart – and that’s where vbo Accounting Solutions really shines. We are experts in each of the abovementioned apps, we streamline the set-up process, and are ready to troubleshoot and solve any issues with the apps. We are available to maintain them as well. And because we are super users, we also get favorable pricing which we pass on to our clients.

Which app would solve your biggest QuickBooks challenge?

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